The first Camp Girl Boss was held last week in Asheville NC and what a week it was! By the end of the week, I was exhausted but more importantly, I was incredibly INSPIRED by the work of these young ladies! Camp Girl Boss is an entrepreneurial and leadership camp for middle schoolers. They learned the basics of running a business like branding, marketing, finances, and websites but also self-care topics like meditation and boundaries!

I played a few roles throughout the week – #SwagQueen, where I pulled together a goodie bag filled with products from female-owned businesses. I also taught the girls about bios and mission statements, a very new concept to most of them. I was a lunch mentor, paired up with a smart young lady that was launching a DIY skincare company. Finally, I got to round out the week with Girl Boss Bingo, lightening up the mood with some fun prizes right before graduation.

Each girl presented their “pitch” and their websites to a crowd of about 200 at the end of the week. I must admit that the future is bright!

I can’t wait to see what the future of Camp Girl Boss holds but I’m CERTAIN that I’m in! Check out the pictures and the video segment from WLOS New 13 in Asheville! Nice to be a part of some positive news surrounding our youth!